Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association

2024-2025 AAHA 8-Only Team Hybrid Half-Full Ice Season Enrollment



Please complete the following information to register your team to participate in the 2024-2025 AAHA 8-Only Hybrid Half-Full Ice Season.  

The details are:

  • All teams must participate in a half-ice schedule from September 1st to January 15th.
  • As of January 16th, teams of players currently rostered in your Association and in their last year of eligibility at 8U (8 years old ONLY - birth year 2016) can play full ice games through the first weekend of March.  
  • These teams are encouraged to continue with half-ice games during this period as well as to continue small-area and full-ice skill development.
  • Teams playing full ice games may only consist of players in the last year of eligibility who are current members of your Association at the 8U level (birth year 2016), regardless of skill.
  • Associations must register their intent to participate in this program.  The list of teams participating will be shared with the group to facilitate scheduling.  If there is more than one team from your Association participating, please complete this form for each team wishing to participate.
  • Players must be resident in your Association.  Combining players from different Associations is prohibited.
  • A separate roster will be required to be developed and submitted for approval.  Games will be tracked on the AAHA's GameSheet platform.
  • Games will follow 10U game requirements (period lengths, penalty lengths, etc.)
  • This form must be submitted by August 1st and games must be scheduled by September 30th.


Please direct questions to: Nate Nussbaum, ADM Coordinator,